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Tool Sessions #7 Guestmix Steve Nyman - 19/08/2014

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preview: Richard Durand & Neev Kennedy "running on empty" (Steve Nyman RMX)

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Max Graham played "miles away"

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Upon first listen of “Miles Away”:  mind blown. Steven Nyman is a producer based out of Zug, Switzerland with frequent releases into Spinnin Records. Frequently supported by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold and Above & Beyond, Nyman prefers to think that “he doesn’t just play music, the music plays him”. This track is a great example of just that – the entire production is just too good. Beginning with a revolving beat, the track then settles into a melodic uplifting piece that feels oh so soothing. Nyman than drops everything he’s built into revealing a progressive sound that is totally enthralling. We love this track and we think you might just too.


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Alex Morph and Woody van Eyden played "the last one"

Mark Sherry played "the last one" ASOT 600 den Bosch

W&W played "the last one" Mainstage Podcast :)

Armin van Buuren played "the last one" in his Radio Show - ASOT 607 04.04.2013 :)

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-Original mix
-Maarten De Jong remix


Steve Nyman made his debut on tool records with the smasher "Timebandit", which saw alot of support from djs around the globe. With his follow up single, "The last one out", he yet again proves that both the hard and soft sides of electronic music suit him just fine. Pairing an edgy bassline- and groove driven builtup with a melodic break, "the last one out" recommends itself as pure peak time material. 
The talented dutchman Maarten de Jong graces us for the third time with his remixwork. Taking a little more subtle approach with cleverly arranged rolling basses and percussions, the track builds up a perfect flow while gliding into the melodic break, only to surprise you with a hard-hitting mainpart that will keep your feets in motion.

Richard Durand played "timebandit" – In Search Of Sunrise Radio 113 (09-11-2012)

Paul Oakenfold played "timebandit" 22.10.2012

Karanda played "timebandit" 22.09.2012

Mark Eteson - Highway 114 - played "timebandit"

Store N Forward - Episode 203 - played "timebandit"


Coming soon on Tool Records.
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Steve Nyman & Meyce make their stunning debut here on Tool Records with the crowdpleaser "Timebandit". Rocking basslines, atmospheric pads and synths and a bigroom-worthy, catchy hookline are the ingredients to this peak time tune!

Robert Nickson – A State of Sundays 047 – 14.08.2011 - rise & fall

1. Michael Cassette – (Envotion Remix) [Anjunadeep]
2. Adam Szabo – Arcade (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
3. Store N Forward – Salt (Original Mix) [Afterglow Records]
4. Rory Gallagher & Mike Lane – Eclipse (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing]
5. Oliver Smith – Butterfly Effect (Club Mix) [Anjunabeats]
6. Ralphie B – Bullfrog (Original Mix) [Captivating Sounds]
7. ReOrder & Dave Deen feat. Irena Love – Again (Dub Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
8. Dave Emanuel & Steve Nyman – Rise & Fall (Bjorn Akesson Remix) [Arisa Audio]
9. Simon Patterson & Greg Downey feat. Bo Bruce – Come To Me (Original Mix) [Night Vision]
10. Sean Tyas – By The Way (Original Mix) [Tytanium Recordings]

Nitrous Oxide - Accelerate Session 069 (06-08-2011) - rise & fall


01. Labtracks - Robotic Love (Emil Gallier Remix) | Macarize
02. Juventa - Only Us (Aknael & Bekeela Remix) | Harmonic Breeze Recordings
03. Tilt feat. Maria Nayler - No Other Day 2011 (Sergey Tkachev Remix) | Lost Language Recordings
04. Cramp - RU116 (Tritonal Remix) | Anjunabeats
05. Roby K & Flashtech - Gravity | Unearthed Subliminal
06. Andreas Mats - Elate (Mike Danis Remix) | Perceptive Recordings
07. Garrido & Skehan - Changing Places (Sunny Lax Remix) | Hardwired Productions
08. Chapter XJ - Never Forget | Monster Digital
09. Karybde & Scylla - Tokyo (Andrew Rayel Remix) | Unearthed Red
10. Peter Feel - 1987 (Kaimo K Remix) | D.Max Recordings
11. Maor Levi & Raul Siberdi - Infatuation (Nitrous Oxide Remix) | Anjunabeats
12. Devilect - Just Smile (Ex-Driver Remix) | Unearthed Records
13. Cold Blue - Lucidity | Monster Tunes
14. James Dymond - Forgotten Rapture | Defcon Recordings
16. Meridian - Exponential | Infrasonic Recordings
17. Brendan B presents Factor B - Last Embrace (Robert Nickson Remix) | 405 Blue Records
18. Dave Emanuel & Steve Nyman - Rise & Fall (Björn Åkesson Remix) | Arisa Audio

Tempo Guisto - played rise & fall - 23.07.2011

Artento Divini - played rise & fall - 15.07.2011

Ernesto & Bastian - played rise & fall - 08.07.2011

tyDi Global Soundsystem 087 played rise & fall - 07.07.2011

Rank 1 - played Dave Emanuel & Steve Nyman - rise & fall - 05.07.2011

Sebastian Brandt - The Dicital Society Podcast - played rise & fall

ASOT 515 incl. Dave Emanuel & Steve Nyman - rise & fall - 30.06.11

Aly & Fila - Future Sound of Egypt 191 - 27.06.2011


played Dave Emanuel & Steve Nyman -

rise & fall (Bjorn Akkesson RMX)!!!!

Faruk Sabanci played rise & fall - 26.06.2011

Bjorn Akesson played rise & fall - 22.06.2011

forthcoming release!!!!!

Dave Emanuel & Steve Nyman - Rise & Fall
RELEASE DATE : 18th July 2011 (4th July exclusiv Beatport)

Dave Emanuel & Steve Nyman - Rise & Fall

01. Original Mix
02. Matthew Nagle Remix
03. Bjorn Akesson Remix

The worldwide Trancefamily is not quite used to the Swiss dishing out walloping Trance releases. But a team-up of two young talents prove us otherwise, with quality heaping all around they render another entertaining release to the Arisa Audio firm. Rise & Fall is definitely a crowd-pusher with a big room Dutch influenced lead synth, an orchestral breakdown while still maintaining its uplifting essence.

On remix duties we have Matthew Nagle with his second appearance as a remixer on our imprint and Swedish mastermind Bjorn Akesson who makes a mighty debut on Arisa Audio.

Right after his well-received remix of 'Pete Drury - One Way Ticket', we summoned UK based youngster Matthew Nagle back on remix duties. The talented individual once again does not disappoint. The M.N. Remix starts off with quite a progressive vibe which on the latter turns into a melodic tech trance monster! A track designed for the dancefloor? You bet!

On the other hand, Bjorn Akesson's eagerly anticipated debut on our imprint takes place with a colossal uplifting trance remix. Akesson delivers what he does best and turns the original into an epic uplifting smasher where he injects lots of energy into his rendition.



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